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What is Intent Classification?

The process of determining the specific goal or purpose behind a user's input in a conversation with a chatbot.

More about Intent Classification:

Intent Classification is a crucial component of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in chatbots. It involves analyzing the user's message to discern their primary intent or objective. By recognizing intents, chatbots can generate appropriate responses or actions. For example, the input "What's the weather like today?" might be classified under the intent "CheckWeather".

Accurate intent classification ensures that chatbots understand user queries and provide relevant information or perform desired tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are intents trained in chatbots?

Intents are typically trained using labeled datasets that contain various user expressions mapped to specific intents. Machine learning models then learn to associate different phrasings and inputs with the defined intents.

Can chatbots handle multiple intents in one message?

Advanced chatbots with sophisticated NLP capabilities can recognize and handle mixed intents within a single user input, though handling such complexity requires more advanced training and logic.

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