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Your search for a SiteGPT alternative is over

Looking for an alternative to SiteGPT? People switch from SiteGPT to SiteSpeakAI because it looks better, comes with support for more plugins and customizations, and is easier to use. Here’s why you should make the switch to SiteSpeakAI too.

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The AI chatbot you've been seeking, now even smarter!

Lots of chatbots let you train ChatGPT on your stuff, but we've made SiteSpeakAI super easy to use and packed it with all kinds of plugin options.

Chat with your PDF's
Train your chatbot on your PDF's, CSV's, PowerPoint presentations, text files and other documents.
Up to date
Easily re-train your chatbot to keep it up to date. Automatic retraining coming soon.
Connect to your API or database
Connecting your chatbot to your API or database is easy and only takes a few minutes. We're here to help if you need it.
Allow your visitors to escalate their queries to a human. Great for lead generation.
Improved customization and a more user-friendly UI compared to SiteGPT.
Robust options such as OpenAPI plugins and the ability to integrate with your business backend database.
Training and discovery of your content is faster than what we've tested with SiteGPT.
Product screenshot

Integrate with your API or Database

Let your custom-trained ChatGPT virtual assistant hook up with your own backend API (or any OpenAPI) to give your visitors the latest and greatest info. Or let your chatbot dig into your database to find a customer's order details and check where their package is. The options are endless!

Ingest data from your API or your SQL database
Easily connect your API or SQL database to ChatGPT to ingest data and train your chatbot.

Turn potential leads into actual customers.

SiteSpeakAI comes with a strong inbox and escalation tool, allowing your visitors to drop their contact info if the chatbot can't give them the answers they need. That way, a human agent can get in touch with them. You won't miss a chance to make a conversion!

Capture leads and escalate to a human
Let your visitors talk to your chatbot and capture their contact information before escalating to a human.
Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Teach your chatbot using all of your content.

Train your chatbot with information from your website, knowledge base, support documents, text files, PDFs, and CSVs. This way, your visitors can always find the correct answer to their questions in real time, any time of the day or night.

Chat with your all your content
Train your chatbot with all your content, including blog posts, ebooks, PDFs, PowerPoints, and more.

Add an AI edge to your site. Create your chatbot today.

Answer your visitors questions instantly with a custom trained ChatGPT chatbot. No coding required. Get started in minutes.