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How do I create my custom trained ChatGPT chatbot?

Learn how to create your first custom trained chatbot.

Creating your first chatbot is very easy and involves 5 simple steps to get up and running.

After Signing Up you will land on the Get Started page that will guide you through the steps:


  1. Name your bot - Choose a name for your chatbot. You can always change this later.
  2. Add your website - Add your website URL or sitemap so we can crawl it for source links to train your website. You can add more later or even change the links to a different site. You can also use PDF’s to train your chatbot.
  3. Select your sources - Select the source links from your website you would like to use to train your chatbot. You can add more later.
  4. Training your chatbot - Your chatbot will now be trained. This can take a minute or two depending on the number of links you selected, but should normally only take a few seconds.
  5. Test your chatbot - You can now test your chatbot and ask it questions about the content you used to train it.

Untitled (1).png

And that’s it! You chatbot is now ready to be customized and installed 🥳

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