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Some of our best features

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Train ChatGPT on your data

With SiteSpeakAI you can train your chatbot on your website content, help center articles, PDF's, spreadsheets and more. This means your chatbot will always be up to date with the latest information.

Chat with your PDF's
Train your chatbot on your PDF's, CSV's, PowerPoint presentations, text files and other documents.
Up to date
Easily re-train your chatbot to keep it up to date. Automatic retraining coming soon.
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Easily share your trained chatbot

Share your trained ChatGPT chatbot with your team or customers. Allow others to interact with your knowledge base in a conversational way.

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Chat with your API or Database

Let ChatGPT use your API

Let your chatbot use your API or database to answer questions. This means your chatbot can answer questions about your product catalog, your customer database, order statuses and more.

Connect to your API or database
Connecting your chatbot to your API or database is easy and only takes a few minutes. We're here to help if you need it.
Endless Possibilities
Use your API to answer questions about your product catalog, customer database, order statuses and more.
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Find your best leads

See who's chatting with your chatbot and what questions they're asking. Improve your chatbot's responses by fine-tuning replies.

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Smart Prompts

Guide your visitors

Guide your visitors to the right content with smart prompts. Show your visitors the most relevant content based on their question.

Allow your visitors to escalate their queries to a human. Great for lead generation.
Let your visitors send you an email if they can't find what they're looking for.
Redirect to URL
Redirect your visitors to a URL to find the answer to their question.
Follow Up Prompts
Show your visitors follow up prompts based on their question.
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Match your brand

Customize your chatbot to match your brand. Change the colors, fonts, icons and more.

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Easy Installation

Install in seconds

Install SiteSpeakAI on your website in seconds by pasting a single line of code.

Install SiteSpeakAI chatbot launcher on your website by pasting a single line of code.
Add a chatbot embed to your site using the iFrame code snippet. Add a full screen chatbot easily.
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See how your chatbot is performing

See how your chatbot is performing with our analytics dashboard. See how many conversations your chatbot is having, how many questions it's answering, and more.

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Add your ChatGPT powered chatbot to your website.

Start answering your visitors questions with a custom trained chatbot today.