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How to add ChatGPT to Wordpress

How to add your custom ChatGPT trained chatbot to your website.

You want to embed your custom trained chatbot in your Wordpress website. Here’s how to add ChatGPT to Wordpress with SiteSpeakAI.

Update: You can now use the SiteSpeakAI Wordpress Plugin to add ChatGPT to your Wordpress website:

Add your chatbot to your Wordpress website

In SiteSpeakAI

Select your chatbot from the dropdown menu at the top, click on the Install Chatbot section in the sidebar, then click on the Copy Code button to copy your code snippet.


In Wordpress

  1. Click on Pages


  1. Select the page you would like to have the chatbot displayed on

  2. At the bottom of the page, type / to bring up the block selector and choose Custom HTML


  1. Paste the SiteSpeakAI code snippet


  1. Update the page to save your changes

Your chatbot will now be displayed on your Wordpress website.

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