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What is a Session in chatbot context?

A single interaction or series of interactions between a user and a chatbot during a specific timeframe.

More about Session:

Session refers to the period during which a user interacts with a chatbot. It starts when the user initiates a conversation and ends when the conversation is terminated or after a period of inactivity. Sessions help in tracking user interactions, maintaining context, and providing relevant responses based on previous queries within that session.

Sessions are crucial for ensuring continuity in interactions, especially for tasks that involve multiple steps or inputs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a chatbot session last?

The duration of a chatbot session varies. Some sessions are short-lived, ending after answering a single query, while others might last longer, especially if the user is engaged in a multi-step task. Inactivity timeouts can also determine session duration.

Can a chatbot remember information between sessions?

Chatbots can be designed to remember certain information between sessions using databases or user profiles. However, for privacy reasons, sensitive or personal data is often not stored or is anonymized.

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