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What is Text to Speech?

A technology that converts written text into audible speech.

More about Text to Speech:

Text to Speech (TTS) technology translates textual information into spoken voice output. It's the reverse of speech to text and is essential for making content accessible to those who prefer audio content or have visual impairments. Advanced TTS systems utilize deep learning to generate human-like voices, complete with intonations, stress patterns, and natural pauses.

For chatbots and voice assistants, TTS is vital for providing voice responses, making interactions feel more dynamic and engaging, especially for voice-first platforms like smart speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do text to speech systems sound robotic?

While early TTS systems had a more robotic tone, advancements in deep learning and AI have led to the creation of remarkably natural-sounding voices in modern TTS systems.

Can text to speech systems mimic specific voices?

Yes, some advanced TTS systems can be trained to mimic specific voices or accents, though ethical considerations and permissions are essential when replicating real individuals' voices.

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