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What is an Utterance in the context of chatbots?

Any input or phrase that a user communicates to a chatbot during a conversation.

More about Utterance:

Utterance refers to the specific inputs or statements users provide in conversational AI settings. In chatbot development and training, different utterances help in understanding and defining user intents. For instance, "How's the weather?", "Tell me the weather.", and "Is it going to rain?" are different utterances that might all map to a "CheckWeather" intent.

Capturing diverse utterances is vital for training chatbots, ensuring they can recognize and respond to a wide range of user phrasings and inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are multiple utterances important for chatbot training?

Users can phrase the same request or question in numerous ways. By training on multiple utterances, chatbots can better recognize and process various phrasings, enhancing their accuracy and user experience.

How are typical utterances determined for chatbot training?

Typical utterances can be derived from historical user interactions, brainstorming sessions, or user testing. Gathering a diverse set ensures more comprehensive chatbot training.

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