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Fine-tuning your custom ChatGPT chatbot

Herman Schutte
Fine-tuning your custom ChatGPT chatbot

Fine-tuning your custom chatbot is a crucial step in ensuring that it can answer your visitors questions correctly and with the best possible information.

Adding Fine-tunes

SiteSpeakAI supports fine-tuning your chatbot by using Echo's to re-train your chatbot to provide better answers for specific questions.

Discovering which questions needs improvement and should be fine-tuned can be done by accessing your chatbot's Inbox and opening up a conversation. In the conversation you will see the option to Fine-tune with Echo underneath the response your bot gave. Clicking this option will allow you to update the answer and retrain your bot. The next time a visitor asks this question (or a similar one) your bot will reply with the suggested answer you supplied.

Fine-tune a custom ChatGPT chatbot

It's important to remember that this is a process of re-training your chatbot, and not just giving it the answer it should return. The benefit of this is that it will enable your chatbot to also provide better answers for questions that is not exactly alike.

We're constantly improving SiteSpeakAI to provide the best combination of AI and human customer support. If you have any ideas or feedback, please reach out!

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