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Create your own shareable custom GPT

Just in time for Thanksgiving, you can now create your own custom GPT in SiteSpeakAI that you can share with your team or users, or embed on your website.

A custom GPT created with SiteSpeakAI allows you to create a advanced AI assistant without code, that is able to respond to users and help them with tasks. It can even generate files like PDF's to share information with your users or team.

And using the SiteSpeakAI API or Zapier integration, you can easily add your custom GPT to Slack, or any of the other 6000+ Zapier integrations.

CleanShot 2023-11-24 at 15.02.17@2x.png

Here's a short tutorial on setting up your own custom GPT assistant:

Create your own custom GPT with SiteSpeakAI 👉

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