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Improve your chatbots accuracy with Cohere Rerank 3

Having a smart AI chatbot that's trained on thousands or hundreds of thousands of sources of information (yes we have customers with that much data 😜), means your chatbot will most likely be able to answer any question your visitor asks.

The problem comes when lots of the sources have very similar information. The initial matching we do to find the correct source to use to answer the users question might not always be the best one. To improve the accuracy of your chatbot, you can now enable Reranking for your chatbot under Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Enable Reranking.

CleanShot 2024-07-05 at 12.42.04@2x.png

You can also specify the number of sources to include in the rerank.

This will use Cohere Rerank 3 to retrieve an even more accurate list of sources based on the users question.

Enabling reranking does incur a small cost in the speed of your chatbot's response, but in the end, the accuracy it provides should be more than worth it.

This feature is available today for all Pro and Business plan users at no additional cost.

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