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How to add a ChatGPT chatbot to Simvoli

How to add your custom ChatGPT trained chatbot to your Simvoli website.

You want to embed your custom trained chatbot in your Simvoli website page. Here’s how to add ChatGPT to Simvoli with SiteSpeakAI.

Add your chatbot to your Simvoli website

In SiteSpeakAI

Select your chatbot from the dropdown menu at the top, click on the Install Chatbot section in the sidebar, then click on the Copy Code button to copy your code snippet.

1 - imcreator - Copy Code.png

In Simvoli

  1. Log in to your Simvoli website builder dashboard and select your website

  2. Click on Add Widget on the left-side toolbar

1 - Simvoli - click on Add Widget.png

  1. Scroll down on the Widget list and select the CODE widget under OTHER

2 - Simvoli - select CODE.png

  1. Drag the CODE widget onto your page

3 - Simvoli - drag the CODE widget onto your page.png

  1. Insert your snippet in the Source Code text input box

4 - Simvoli - insert your snippet.png

  1. Click on Save to update your website

5 - Simvoli - click on Save.png

  1. Your chatbot button will now be displayed on your Simvoli website

6 - Simvoli - chatbot button on page.png

  1. If you click on the button it will display the chatbot dialogue

7 - Simvoli - chatbot dialogue on page.png

Your chatbot is now added to your Simvoli website and your customers can start interacting with it!

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