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What is a Chatbot Framework?

A platform or set of tools used to build, test, and deploy chatbots.

More about Chatbot Framework:

Chatbot Framework provides the foundational structure and tools necessary for creating chatbots. It often includes pre-built functions, libraries, and integration capabilities, simplifying the development process. Using a framework allows developers to focus on designing the chatbot's logic and interactions rather than building from scratch.

Popular frameworks include Rasa, Microsoft Bot Framework, and Dialogflow, each offering unique features tailored to different needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Chatbot Framework instead of building from scratch?

A framework provides essential tools, best practices, and predefined structures, speeding up the development process. It also ensures reliability and scalability, allowing developers to build upon proven systems.

Can one framework support multiple chatbot platforms?

Yes, many chatbot frameworks offer integrations with multiple platforms, allowing developers to deploy their chatbots on websites, messaging apps, and other channels with minimal adjustments.

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