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What is Dialog Management?

The component of a chatbot that handles the flow of conversation.

More about Dialog Management:

Dialog Management is responsible for determining the best response or action a chatbot should take at any given point in a conversation. It considers the user's input, the context, and the chatbot's objectives to guide the conversation effectively.

Good dialog management ensures that interactions are coherent and goal-oriented, even in complex multi-turn conversations where users might change topics or ask follow-up questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dialog Management handle multiple user intents?

Advanced Dialog Management systems can recognize and handle mixed intents, where a user might express multiple goals in a single input. The system breaks down the input, addresses each intent separately, and crafts a coherent response or sequence of actions.

Is Dialog Management only about selecting responses?

While selecting appropriate responses is a key aspect, Dialog Management also involves maintaining context, managing the flow of multi-turn conversations, handling interruptions, and sometimes even proactively guiding users towards certain objectives.

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