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Create an AI version of yourself for your coaching business

Herman Schutte
Create an AI version of yourself for your coaching business

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence is no longer reserved for tech giants or sci-fi enthusiasts. As a coach, what if you could scale your expertise, offering guidance at any hour without extending your workday? Enter the revolutionary concept of creating an AI version of yourself for your coaching business. This isn't just a technological gimmick; it's a transformative tool that amplifies your impact, ensures consistent client engagement, and unlocks unparalleled SEO advantages.

Dive in with me as I explore how AI can transform coaching and set your brand apart in the digital world.

Benefits of using AI for your coaching business

  1. 24/7 Accessibility: With an AI version of yourself, your clients can access guidance and insights at any hour, breaking the barriers of time zones or working hours. This feature allows for consistent support, especially during moments of urgency or need.

  2. Scalability: AI enables you to cater to more clients simultaneously. Instead of being limited by one-on-one sessions or group meetings, AI can provide personalized advice to countless individuals, exponentially growing your reach and impact.

  3. Consistent Quality: An AI ensures that the quality and essence of your coaching remain undiluted, providing consistent, unbiased advice every time. It takes in your knowledge, values, and techniques, offering them without the variable of human fatigue or mood.

  4. Data-Driven Insights: Incorporating AI into your business can provide valuable analytics about your client's needs, progress, and feedback. You can use this data to tailor your coaching strategies, understand emerging trends, and continuously improve your services.

  5. Diversified Revenue Streams: Beyond standard coaching sessions, an AI-driven platform can introduce new monetization methods, like subscription-based access, on-demand webinars, or AI-driven courses. This strategy diversifies your income and provides added value to clients looking for flexible learning options.

Harnessing the capabilities of AI can significantly propel a coaching business into the future, ensuring it remains competitive, innovative, and always in tune with its audience's needs.

Creating an AI version of yourself

Since ChatGPT and other LLMs were introduced, creating your personal AI to mentor and coach your clients using your content, tone, and voice is now easier than ever.

Here are the five basic steps you should follow to create the best AI version of yourself that can serve your clients:

  1. Define Your Coaching Persona:

    • Objective: Understand and document the essence of your coaching style, values, knowledge, and techniques.
    • Tasks:
      • List down the frequently asked questions you receive and your typical responses.
      • Document your coaching methodologies, principles, and philosophies.
      • Record several of your coaching sessions (with client permission) to capture your interaction style.
  2. Choose the Right AI Platform:

    • Objective: Find a platform that can best replicate your coaching persona.
    • Tasks:
      • Research available AI platforms and tools that allow for training and personalization.
      • Consider platforms that offer scalability, integration capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces.
      • Seek testimonials or reviews from other coaches or businesses using AI.
  3. Train Your AI:

    • Objective: Input your knowledge and expertise into the AI system to make it a reflection of you.
    • Tasks:
      • Use your documented answers, sessions, and methodologies to train the AI.
      • To keep the AI current, continuously feed new data, like articles you write or updated coaching techniques.
      • Test the AI's responses to ensure accuracy and alignment with your coaching persona.
  4. Implement & Integrate:

    • Objective: Seamlessly incorporate the AI version into your business operations.
    • Tasks:
      • Integrate the AI into your website, coaching portal, or app.
      • Ensure it's accessible across various devices (mobiles, tablets, desktops).
      • Introduce your clients to this new feature, explaining its benefits and how best to utilize it.
  5. Monitor, Feedback & Iterate:

    • Objective: Ensure the AI continues to serve your clients effectively and remains a true reflection of your evolving coaching style.
    • Tasks:
      • Set up a feedback mechanism for clients to share their experiences with the AI.
      • Regularly review the AI's analytics to identify usage patterns and potential areas for improvement.
      • Update and train the AI periodically based on feedback and any new coaching insights you acquire.

Creating an AI version of yourself is about replicating knowledge and ensuring the digital counterpart truly resonates with your personal touch and expertise. By following these steps, coaches can harness the power of technology to extend their reach and impact.

Using SiteSpeakAI to create an AI version of yourself

SiteSpeakAI can help you complete steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 without any technical knowledge required.

Choose the Right AI Platform: The SiteSpeakAI platform allows you to create and integrate an AI coach with your website without coding.

Create your own AI version of yourself

Train Your AI: You can train and retrain your AI coaching bot on SiteSpeakAI with your content, including your online knowledge base, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and custom questions and answers.

Train your own AI with your content

Implement & Integrate: Add your AI coaching bot to your website with a single line of code, or share a link to your AI with your clients to keep your AI private.

Integrate your AI with your website

Monitor, Feedback & Iterate: Check your inbox in SiteSpeakAI to see exactly which questions your clients are asking and which questions you can improve on.

Monitor your AI inbox and conversations

The SiteSpeakAI platform is incredibly flexible and allows you to completely customize the experience for you and your clients using prompting, fine-tuning, and predefined prompts to guide them.

Need help getting your AI set up? Let me know.

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