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Wix Integration

Integrate SiteSpeakAI with Wix to elevate your website's functionality by adding AI-powered chat for an interactive visitor experience, enhancing engagement and support.

About Wix

Wix is a comprehensive website builder that enables users to create websites with a variety of purposes, from e-commerce to blogging, and event management. It offers a smart drag-and-drop editor, thousands of design features, custom domains, and full-stack development tools. Wix also includes AI technology to assist in creating a site tailored to your needs.

SiteSpeakAI Advantage with Wix

With SiteSpeakAI, you can bring an advanced level of customer interaction to Wix websites. SiteSpeakAI's integration allows for instant communication with visitors, offering them information, support, and services through an intuitive chat interface. This enhances the user experience, providing a dynamic way to interact with your content and services.

Ready to integrate SiteSpeakAI with Wix?

Create a free custom GPT trained chatbot that you can add to Wix that knows your business and will save you hundreds of hours in support time.

Add ChatGPT to Wix

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