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What is Chatbot Flow?

The sequence and structure of interactions that a chatbot follows during a conversation.

More about Chatbot Flow:

Chatbot Flow defines the path and progression of a conversation with a chatbot. It maps out the possible interactions, decisions, and responses based on user input and other factors. A well-designed flow ensures that interactions are logical, meaningful, and lead to the desired outcome.

Developers design chatbot flows using flowcharts or specialized software to visualize and structure the conversation paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Chatbot Flow important?

Chatbot Flow determines the user experience. A well-structured flow ensures smooth interactions, guiding users to their desired outcomes while avoiding confusion or dead-ends.

How do developers test Chatbot Flow?

Developers can simulate user interactions, utilize testing tools, or conduct user testing sessions to evaluate and refine the chatbot flow, ensuring it meets user expectations and business goals.

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