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What is a Fallback Response?

A default response given by a chatbot when it cannot understand or process the user's input.

More about Fallback Response:

Fallback Response is a safety net for chatbots when faced with unfamiliar queries or statements. Instead of leaving the user without an answer, the chatbot provides a generic response, indicating that it didn't understand the input. This response can be a prompt for the user to rephrase, a suggestion for possible commands, or a redirection to human support.

Properly crafted fallback responses ensure that the conversation doesn't end abruptly and maintains user engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should chatbots use Fallback Responses?

Ideally, chatbots should minimize the use of fallback responses by having a comprehensive understanding of possible user inputs. However, when uncertain, a fallback response is better than providing incorrect information or no response at all.

Can fallback responses be customized?

Yes, developers can customize fallback responses based on the chatbot's personality, brand voice, or specific use cases to ensure consistency and relevancy in user interactions.

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