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What is Live Chat?

A real-time communication method between customers and support agents or sales representatives via a website or application.

More about Live Chat:

Live Chat is an online tool that allows customers to communicate in real-time with customer service representatives or sales agents directly on a website or mobile application. It's a popular alternative to traditional customer service channels like phone or email, providing immediate support and often resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

While chatbots can automate many customer interactions, live chat ensures that human agents can step in when more complex or sensitive issues arise. The integration of chatbots with live chat can lead to a seamless experience, where bots handle routine queries, and human agents tackle more intricate problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between live chat and a chatbot?

While both are communication tools on websites or apps, live chat involves real-time conversations with human agents, while chatbots are automated software that simulates human conversation.

Can chatbots and live chat be integrated?

Yes, many platforms offer integration where a chatbot can handle initial interactions and, if needed, escalate the conversation to a live agent.

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