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What are Webhooks?

Automated messages sent from apps when something happens.

More about Webhooks:

Webhooks are essentially "reverse APIs". Instead of a system requesting data from another, webhooks push data to other applications automatically, based on certain triggers. They provide a mechanism for one system to notify another about events, making integrations more dynamic and real-time.

In chatbot context, webhooks can be used to fetch data from external systems or to trigger certain actions outside the chatbot platform based on user interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do webhooks differ from APIs?

While both webhooks and APIs enable communication between systems, APIs require a system to request data, while webhooks automatically send data when specific events occur.

Are webhooks secure?

Webhooks can be secured using various methods, like using HTTPS, adding authentication tokens, or validating the incoming data's source. Proper implementation and best practices are crucial for secure webhook usage.

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