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What is Disambiguation in the context of chatbots?

The process where a chatbot seeks clarity on ambiguous user input to provide the most accurate response.

More about Disambiguation:

Disambiguation is employed when a chatbot encounters user input that could be interpreted in multiple ways. Instead of making an assumption or providing an incorrect response, the chatbot asks follow-up questions or offers choices to the user to clarify their intent. For example, if a user says "Show me Apple", the chatbot might ask, "Are you referring to the fruit or the tech company?" to disambiguate the request.

This process ensures more accurate interactions and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings between the user and the chatbot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Disambiguation important in chatbot interactions?

Disambiguation helps chatbots handle uncertainties in user input, ensuring they provide relevant responses and maintain user trust by avoiding incorrect or irrelevant answers.

How do chatbots determine when to use Disambiguation?

Advanced chatbots use NLP and other techniques to gauge the confidence level of their interpretations. If the confidence level is below a certain threshold, or if multiple interpretations have similar confidence scores, the chatbot might opt for disambiguation.

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