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How do I enable my API as a source for my chatbot?

Find out how you can use your own (or any other) API as a source for your chatbot.

Do you want to provide up-to-date information to your visitors and customers? It’s possible with SiteSpeakAI when you connect your chatbot to your own backend API. The chatbot can then retrieve information based on your visitors questions by interacting with your API.

To enable your chatbot to ingest your API, you will need to be on the Pro or Business plan - SiteSpeakAI Pricing

To get started, select your chatbot and go to Plugins and click on the Add Plugins button.


Select the API plugin to add your backend API.


Now you can enter the URL to your OpenAPI spec API and any header information that is required for your API. If you don’t have a URL to your OpenAPI spec, you can also paste the entire spec into the API Spec field.

Please note, your API must conform to the OpenAPI spec standards. Please reach out to support if you need help with this.


Click Install Plugin and your chatbot will now be able to chat with your API.

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