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How do I train my custom chatbot?

Find out how to start training your chatbot.

Training your chatbot on your business and website data is an important step in the creation of your chatbot.

Using the correct source data will ensure your chatbot can answer you visitor questions accurately.

After creating your chatbot, head over to the Sources section by selecting it from the sidebar.

If this is the first time adding sources, you will land on the Add New Sources page where you can select from adding an entire website, single link, sitemap or PDF. Spreadsheets coming soon!


If youโ€™d like to crawl your entire website, enter your website URL, and click the Crawl Website button to get all available links from your website.

Once your website has been crawled, select the pages you would like to use to train your chatbot, and click on the Add Selected button.


It should only take a minute to train your chatbot. Your chatbot will now be trained based on the content from these pages.


Youโ€™re now ready to embed your chatbot on your website and see how your visitors are using it by monitoring your Inbox.

Remember, to provide the best possible service and answers to your visitors, you should continuously help improve your chatbot by fine-tuning the answers it gives.

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